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DHL Door to Door (Delivery 2 to 5 Days)

  • 30Kg
    for £210
  • 50Kg
    for £340
  • 100Kg
    for £650

Collect From Airport (Delivery 5 to 7 Days)

  • 100Kg
    for £400
  • 200Kg
    for £760
  • 250Kg
    for £875

Sea Freight (Delivery 25 to 35 Days)

  • 150Kg
    for £525
  • 250Kg
    for £825
  • 350Kg
    for £1120

What we do

  1. We provide you with your own UK address and a storage facility.
  2. Now you can shop from the UK and European High Street and get them delivered at your personal UK address.
  3. Once we receive your order, you can review them on your dashboard. We can unpack and share pictures of it at your request.
  4. Buy as much as you want and consolidate them in a single parcel for shipment in your country.
  5. Enjoy mega saving up to 80% on shipping charges and VAT cashback on all applicable items
  6. No paperwork for you

Client Reviews

  • Ahmed Ismail
    Ahmed Ismail , Qatar

    from Google - Excellent trusted professional services, very close follow up, prompt response and friendly support, thank you Sara & Chris.

  • Carlo Hall
    Carlo Hall , Saudi Arabia
    from Google - The service experience was seamless & it was amazing from start to end. Sara & Chris were very helpful & they made sure that I fully understand the whole personal s...
  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali , Saudi Arabia
    from Google - I love these guys. It was my first time using their service, but it won't be the last. All their agents are very helpful and responsive even on weekends, and they made sure tha...
  • Yosef Alhobany
    Yosef Alhobany , Israel
    from Google - This is the best package forwarding company I've ever used! Their customer service team is available on WhatsApp 24/7 and they reply immediately. Their prices are amazing, and...