We Deliver Happiness


Receive your items securely and safely as early as 2-7 days at your home address and become happy. When you shop and ship via MyUKHub, you can be sure to find a dependable and affordable parcel forwarding service. We work seven days a week to make sure your package leaves our warehouse within 24 hours of receiving it. If there is any delay, it usually is due to a delay from the courier service.

Many people choose and endorse our parcel forwarding service because:

  • We give you a chance to save a lot of money on courier services
  • We make it easy for you to shop in UK ship internationally
  • You get a local address for deliveries in the UK
  • You get to choose your courier service
  • As a member of MyUKHub, you get to enjoy discounts on an off
  • We guarantee the safety of your packages by packing them securely to prevent damages
  • We are an affordable parcel forwarding service
  • MyUKHub delivers your packages worldwide (no matter where you are)

What Our Customers Say

“MyUKHub made shopping in the UK so much fun and hassle-free!”

 “Thanks to the parcel forwarding service by MyUKHub, I get to order items in bulk for my eCommerce business and save a lot of money.”

“Timely delivery and dependable parcel forwarding service. Excellent experience with MyUKHub!”

Once you submit a request to ship your items, we pack your items and ship them via your selected courier. You will receive your items and a thank you card from us. We love to bring happiness to your door. Try us and enjoy shopping in the UK and receiving your order anywhere in the world!