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Tax Refunds (VAT)

Only for business customers. 

VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to certain goods sold in the UK. VAT is only for the people living in the UK (residents). Current rate of VAT is 20% on all eligible goods.

If you are not a UK resident, and you ship products outside UK & Europe, then you can claim VAT. For example, if you live in Saudi Arabia and buying a new Apple Iphone and shipping it back to your home country (outside the UK and European Union) via myUKhub, we can claim VAT back for you! We help international shoppers by making shopping and shipping easier from UK and Europe no matter where they are in the world.

You can do it via myUKhub using Personal Shopper Assistant. This is a unique offer only available on myUKhub for UK shipping and shopping. This service is not provided by any of our competitors in the UK. We do all the paperwork for you, so you will receive your money within 6 to 12 weeks, depending  on  the VAT inspection and refund process by the VAT department (HMRC).

You can only claim the VAT if the goods are sold to you with VAT added on top and if you can get a VAT invoice. Please check the following website to see if the goods you are buying are VAT products or not.


For more information, you should contact the retailers you are buying goods from in the UK. In certain cases, we can also help you, so do not hesitate to contact us. At myUKhub, our goal is to provide a convenient and affordable UK parcel forwarding service. 

For us to process your VAT refund, you will need to become a member and raise a request via our “Shop Request” option in your member’s portal. Please note that to claim VAT, your order value should be more than £300 as there are charges applied to claim the VAT (minimum £30 or 10% of the purchase amount, whichever is greater).

We charge 12% to cover costs for banking, admin fee and to submit form for VAT claim to HMRC.

As an example, if you purchase goods worth £600 from the UK and get it shipped to your home country outside the UK, the VAT refund to you will be £40. Total VAT on the purchase is £100. After charges deduction (£60) net payable to you is £40, which can cover the cost of your shipping!

Please note that if you directly buy your items without raising it via the myUKhub portal, then we will not be able to claim the VAT. We try our best to offer you the most dependable UK parcel forwarding service. Contact us for information.