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UK Parcel Forwarding to Kuwait

Getting your stuff delivered at your doorstep can be a daunting task when too many regulations are involved. The whole process depends on the country where you want things from. Each courier service has its policy, pricing, and delivery time. MyUKHub can make your shipping experience easy as we provide our clients with that insight and expertise. We have created trust, passion, and reliability when it comes to shipping services around the Globe. Now you can easily shop in the UK ship to Kuwait with the help of our efficient team. For your own UK address, you just have to make your own account.

Make your shopping in the UK and Ship to Kuwait easy in a few easy steps as follow:  

  1. Get your hands on your favorite items from UK stores
  2. Our UK warehouse will keep your items with full care
  3. You keep shopping, and we receive your items
  4. Contact our team so that we post it to you in Kuwait
  5. To save your money on shipping, we combine all your items and send them to your place.

Shop Any Item from Your Desired Store the UK

The fashion industry has gained huge popularity over recent years. People want to follow all the trends going on in an international market. So, if you are willing to shop from UK and European High streets, do not worry, get in touch with our team of professionals who make delivery at your UK address possible without any extra shipping charges. After we receive your order, we deliver it to you in any part of the world, such as Riyadh, Dhahran, Medina, Kuwait, Oman, and Dammam. We deliver through DHL and FedEx courier service. We have qualified professionals who take care of your packages and deliver them with appropriate packaging and marking for prompt delivery at your doorstep. Our qualified staff can also help you with other pricing queries.

Ship Items to Our Warehouse and Review Them in the Dashboard

What can be more helpful than having a look at your product before you even receive it? MyUKHub is proud to give you this facility. Once we receive your shopped items, we can make it available for you on your dashboard. After reviewing the picture, you can check it for any damage. If you are not happy with the product and want us to return it, we can even do that at any cost.

Save Money by Merging Your Items

MyUKHub has all the unique features when it comes to the shipping services we provide:

  1. Shop as much as you desire.
  2. Merge your goods into a single package at our UK warehouse and send them to Kuwait. In doing so, you save at least 50 percent to 80 percent on your shipments. Forget about online shopping and shipping paperwork. You will not be involved in any paperwork because MyUKHub is at your disposal.


We all know how much everybody loves discounts on expensive items. We at MyUKHub make that possible for you. We not only provide you the facility to shop from the UK and ship to Kuwait, but we also help you claim back VAT on the products you buy. Our customers are lucky to have this service because only MyUKHub helps you save almost 80%. For more information on this feature, please visit the VAT section of our website.

All you need is to sign up and follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Sign up for your UK address and select the storage option.
  2. Shop from the UK shops and get it shipped to us.
  3. Find out your things on the dashboard.
  4. Merge the items for shipping.
  5. Have your parcel shipped at your address in Kuwait.


Why My UK Hub?

  • Trained staff

Your business purely depends on your staff. The more well trained they are, the better they will perform. MyUKHub is trusted worldwide due to its outstanding staff. Also, now you can get all the updates related to the product you order just by logging into your MyUKHub account.

  • Storage

Our storage facility varies from 30 to 60 days. We do not compromise on our storage service. We have built this warehouse in London to keep all your items safe and secure.

  • Professional Help

UK parcel forwarding to Kuwait cannot be easy without the help of our team. It is a whole process where the MyUKHub team is available 24/7. Just email us at membersupport@myukhub.co.uk . We are available to provide you best of the best Shipping services without any extra charges. You have to shop from the UK and ship to Kuwait.

  • Shipping Rates

The most preferred courier service is DHL and FedEx because their rates are remarkably affordable and comparably lower from all the other courier services.

  • Personal Shopper

If you do not have a credit card accepted at UK stores for whatever reason, all you have to do is tell us about the item you want to buy and forget about the complexity of online shopping. We will shop for it for you and send it to your Kuwait address.

  • We are secure and safe

Our services are not just limited to one place. We provide worldwide shipping service with the most experienced and well-trained and well-organized workers. We believe in providing our customers with the best of our services. Whether it is about the security of your product or quality of the item you buy, we take care of everything.

  • We are fast

We do not delay it from 2 to 5 days. Or delivery is fast, and you will get your parcel right on time without any extra effort.

  • Why us?

We are the only business in the UK that offers these end-to-end facilities to you. Our clients are our strength. We are the best on the market, and we have proved it over the years. MyUKHub has been in business for a long time and has served worldwide, and our services satisfy all customers in other countries as well. 

Some reviews from our customers

  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali , Saudi Arabia

    Happy with fast delivery. Very affordable and reliable!

  • Abdullah Bin Faisal
    Abdullah Bin Faisal , Riyadh

    My brother recommended MyUKHub for eCommerce shipment to KSA. I am satisfied with their service.

  • Adeel Fawaz
    Adeel Fawaz , Jeddah

    Eight different products -1 shipment to KSA! Cost-effective. Quick service!

  • Ahmed Abdulkareem
    Ahmed Abdulkareem , Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for your service. Now I can buy even from the UK stores and European High Streets at affordable shipment cost and receive them in Saudi Arabia. Thanks again for your service.