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Shop in the UK Ship to Iraq

UK Parcel Forwarding to Iraq

Rates from GBP 1.5 a kilo to Iraq via road transport. Contact us now to disucss your requirements. Minimum weight should be 50 KG.

MyUKHub makes shipping to Iraq easy. We provide door-to-door delivery service without any extra charges. Our team of professionals provides the best UK parcel forwarding to Iraq service as we monitor their delivery performance.

Now you do not have to worry about not having a UK address. You will get all the facilities to shop in the UK ship to Iraq with complete reliability and flexibility. The easiest way to use our service is to simply signup for an online shipping account and get your UK address right away. With MyUKHub your dream shopping cart can be just a few steps away. The safety and consistency that our team of experts provides is exceptional.

Let us look at the process of the shop in the UK ship to Iraq has become so convenient with MyUKHub.

  1. Purchase your favorite products from the UK store
  2. Simply get it delivered to our UK warehouse
  3. You just must keep buying your favorites and we will receive all your products
  4. After you are done shopping just send us a request to post it to Iraq.
  5. We collect all your shopping items and send them to your address right away without any shipping charges. That will help you save a lot of money on shipping.

Shop any item you want from your store in the UK

Are you fed up with shopping from the same stores you buy from every season? Do you want to change your wardrobe? Do you want to change your style? Well, do not worry, MyUKHub has the best solution for your desires. Now you can Shop in the UK ship to Iraq without any extra effort.

After you are done shopping you just have to get it delivered to your own UK address and leave the rest on our shoulders. We use DHL and FedEx as our most trusted courier service. As, it can ship to any part of the world especially Iraq, Oman, Medina, and Qatar. We have qualified experts who carefully handle the packages and dispatch them for timely delivery at the door with appropriate packing and labelling. Our qualified staff can assist with customs-based questions as well.

Ship Items in the Dashboard to Our Warehouse

The best part of shopping and shipping with us is that we can unpack your parcel and make them available for you in your dashboard to check for any damages before you even get it delivered. This not only has made our clients more confident but we have achieved huge respect. Lastly, in case you are unhappy with the shopping and want to get a refund, our team is highly capable of doing that as well. Because we believe in customer satisfaction at all costs.

Save Money and Merge Your Items

Two of the unique features of MyUKHub is;

  1. Shop as much as you wish to because we got you covered
  2. One of the easiest ways to ship to Iraq is to merge the whole package at the UK warehouse. It will not only save your time but it will also save almost 80% of your shipping charges. When you get in touch with our team there is no paperwork required from your end. We manage each and everything until the UK parcel forwarding to Iraq is complete.


Time is money. The way the world is moving forward with so many new innovations online shopping and shipping has also introduced new ways to save money as well as time. MyUKHub has made it easy to shop in the UK and ship to Iraq because we have new innovative techniques and ways to make it all easy and hassle-free for you. Furthermore, we also help you claim back VTA on all the expensive products you buy. This will help you save up to 80%. The exciting part is only MyUKHub will provide you with this facility because we are unique and innovative. Please visit the VAT section of our website for more information on the VTA claim.

Signup right away and make it all simple and easy for you to shop and ship:

  1. First simply just Signup for your UK address and select a storage option.
  2. secondly shop from the UK Brands and get them delivered to us.
  3. Check your items on the dashboard to be 100% sure of what you bought
  4. Merge items for shipment.
  5. Get your parcel delivered at your Iraq address in no time.


Why MY UK Hub?

  • Staff training

MyUKHub has well-trained staff as our main aim is to provide you with the most enhanced performance by everyone in our organization. Our services are not limited to one area. We ship the UK parcel to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world. Our services are certified and you can see that by just simply logging in.

  • Storage facility

Our London based warehouse has the capacity to store your items for minimum 30-days and a maximum of 60-days. It will be as safe as it would have been at your home. We do not compromise on storage integrity.

  • Professional Helpers

Online shopping can sometimes cause distress and you might get upset until you receive your parcel. But with MyUKHub the whole process is stress-free and smooth. As we make a shop from the UK ship to Iraq as easy as ever because our team is available 24/7 for your guidance. Just email us at membersupport@myukhub.co.uk . We are available to provide you best of the best Shipping services.

  • Shipping Rates

Rates from GBP 1.5 a kilo to Iraq via road transport. Contact us now to disucss your requirements. Minimum weight should be 50 KG. Are you worried about the rates? Or are you looking for something more economical? Well, our rates are the best amongst the rest. The most popular courier companies are our conventional couriers such as DHL and FedEx.

  • Personal Shopper

There is more with MyUKHub. We even provide you the facility to shop for you. In case you do not own a credit card which can work in the UK store, you just have to tell us the shopping items you want to buy and our team will do that for you. We shop and deliver at your Iraq address. There cannot be more ease for your online shopping experience. For more details on personal shoppers check out our page.

  • Safety is essential for us

Safety in any business is as important as other services. Our lot takes full responsibility for each and everything. From signing up to making sure you check your items in the dashboard. From shopping for your items to delivering it to you safe. We never compromise our world-class service for anything. Trust us and ship with our team.

  • We are fast

Who does not need the fastest delivery service? At MyUKHub, UK parcel forwarding to Iraq can be the fastest that is we deliver your products to your location within 2 to 5 days given what courier you select. This will save your time as well as your money.

  • We give you the Best Reason to choose us

Due to our end to end service, we have gained huge respect in the shipping industry. We have proved to be the best in the market and if you have not yet hired us please do because we promise to serve you with all our heart and energy. We claim to satisfy our customer’s worldwide at the most economical rates.

Some reviews from our customers

  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali , Saudi Arabia

    Happy with fast delivery. Very affordable and reliable!

  • Abdullah Bin Faisal
    Abdullah Bin Faisal , Riyadh

    My brother recommended MyUKHub for eCommerce shipment to KSA. I am satisfied with their service.

  • Adeel Fawaz
    Adeel Fawaz , Jeddah

    Eight different products -1 shipment to KSA! Cost-effective. Quick service!

  • Ahmed Abdulkareem
    Ahmed Abdulkareem , Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for your service. Now I can buy even from the UK stores and European High Streets at affordable shipment cost and receive them in Saudi Arabia. Thanks again for your service.