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International Shipping

Online shopping is outranking the conventional shopping practices and is bursting at the seams over the last decade.

The entry of the smart phones in the household has given both business ventures and the customers a visual platform, which is no less than the market. From the market extended over a few kilometers to a visual world of shopping, we are witnessing the market evolution.

The world is too small for a customer to make compromises from their choices now. Today they want to shop from their favorite brands; they want to go international!

But when it comes to shopping from your favorite brands, we still make compromises. Dishearting, but that's true!

We can't buy from the UK outlets for some unavoidable reasons, including high shipment costs and no delivery assistance. Changing the game with their vision, My UK Hub is all that you have been looking for; Your shopping partner!

Eliminating the differences and offering an opportunity to the global consumer community, My UK Hub can be your one-stop shopping location. You can shop from the UK stores and European High Streets from your home country with My UK Hub and get all of them delivered at your doorstep. If you are thinking about the shipment cost, then you need not worry about that too. Delivery from the UK by consolidating different products in one parcel is the distinguishing feature of My UK Hub that enables you to save massively on shipping charges. You can save up to 50 - 80% on the shipping cost.

Isn't this exciting? But calm down. Hold your horses; there is much to come!!!

Even if you don't have a credit card, you still can shop from UK stores. The Personal Shopper is a premium feature exclusively for the members of My UK Hub, who can shop from the UK and European High Streets just with a click. Place your personal shopper request from your profile dashboard, and the professional team will buy it for you. You can make payment through PayPal, Debit card, and Credit card whichever suits you.

Not just that, you can also claim the VAT refunds for your shipment. The only person enjoying all these benefits is the one who is a member of MY UK Hub. You are just a click away from enjoying these premium features, so don't wait and get yourself registered with My UK Hub.