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Shop in the UK Ship to the United Arab Emirates

UK Parcel Forwarding to the United Arab Emirates

If you want UK parcel forwarding to the United Arab Emirates and you do not have a UK address, do not worry. You are in the right place because MyUKHub is at your disposal. We provide you with your UK address and storage facility, which will help you in your shipment process. Our storage unit is safe, reliable, and secure.

Online shopping was never easy and reliable. Shop in the UK and ship to the United Arab Emirates in a few easy steps. 

  1. Buy form your favorite stores in the UK and Europe, and make your online shopping experience amazing.
  2. Get them delivered to our UK warehouse and be confident about its security
  3. keep shopping your desired items and send us your products  
  4. send us a request to post it to the United Arab Emirates via an email or a phone call
  5. We combine all your shopping and send it to your home which will help you save money on shipping

Shop Any Item from Your Desired Store in the UK

Once you finish shopping from your favorite UK brands, you would need to get it delivered on your own UK address. Most people do not have this facility, which is why we are here.

Do not worry about the rest of the procedure. We will deliver it to you in any part of the world through the most reliable courier service DHL and FedEx. We have qualified professionals who manage your packages with caution and send them with appropriate packaging and marking for prompt delivery at your doorstep. Our qualified staff will also assist you with customs related queries. 

Ship Items to Our Warehouse and Review Them in The Dashboard

We are proud to provide you with the finest service and one in all from the UK. Once your item is in our store, we unwrap the box, take pictures and make it available to you in your dashboard on your account so that you can have peace of mind and can ensure that the items you have ordered are not damaged. If you are not satisfied with the products or their quality, we can also return the item to your request.

Merge Your Items to Save Money

The key features of My UK Hub are;

  1. Shop as much as you wish too.
  2. To save 50% to 80% on your shipment, we merge your products into one single packaging, and then we ship it to your desired place. Also, there is no need for paperwork from your side at any step, so shop from the UK and ship to the United Arab Emirates freely.


We are living in a world of time and money. Everyone around us is either saving money or trying to save money. MyUKHub has made it easy for you to save money on products you purchase from the UK and ship to the United Arab Emirates. Now enjoy mega savings of up to 80%. If you purchase expensive items, we can also refund VAT on all relevant products. This is a unique offer only to MyUKHub customers. Please visit the VAT section of our website for more info.

All you need is to sign up and follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Signup for the UK addresses and choose storage option without any problem
  2. Shop from the UK Stores and get them delivered to us in no time.
  3. Review your items on the dashboard to be sure of your items
  4. Merge items for shipment to save money and time
  5. Get your parcel delivered at your United Arab Emirates address.



  • Professional Staff

MyUKHub provides its customers with reliable help from professional members of staff. Ur trained individuals regulate shipment services and supervise them, sending them to Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world. With our certification and reliability, you can always log in to your MyUKHub accounts to get an update of your purchased products.

  • Storage Facility

Since we take accountability for our services, our team does not compromise on storage integrity. Our customers can easily get their items stored in our base storage of the facility in London for up to 30 days and 60 days. 

  • Customer Support

We understand that shipping from the UK to KSA could be a rocky journey, therefore, at any point, if you find your items have not reached you in time, contact our trusted customer support team. Please email us at membersupport@myukhub.co.uk. Our dedicated team is there to assist you in matters of shipping services round the clock.

  • Shipping Charges/Fees

MyUKHub has designed its courier services according to the market rate. You can always compare the rates with FedEx or DHL for a better understanding of mainstream courier rates. 

  • MyUKHub – Your Personal Shopper

If you are shopping for your favorite product in the UK and your credit card cannot work at any local UK store, you can contact us. We aim to help you as a personal shopper and buy that product for you. This way, you will not have to go back disappointed. For more details, please visit our 'Personal Shopper' page on the official website. As a courier company, we have been sensitive and prompt in providing our customers with good quality courier services.

  • Safe and secure

The safety and security of your purchased items is our top priorities.

  • Swift Deliveries

Our team is fast-paced. We deliver your purchased goods to your doorstep within 2-5 days, depending on the location of your selected courier services.

  • Best choice

MyUKHub is the leading courier service in the UK. We have proven our mettle over the years simply by making our customers happy. We understand that your items are invaluable, and your time is precious. Our team works to keep you satisfied so that you can have value for your money.

Some reviews from our customers

  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali , Saudi Arabia

    Happy with fast delivery. Very affordable and reliable!

  • Abdullah Bin Faisal
    Abdullah Bin Faisal , Riyadh

    My brother recommended MyUKHub for eCommerce shipment to KSA. I am satisfied with their service.

  • Adeel Fawaz
    Adeel Fawaz , Jeddah

    Eight different products -1 shipment to KSA! Cost-effective. Quick service!

  • Ahmed Abdulkareem
    Ahmed Abdulkareem , Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for your service. Now I can buy even from the UK stores and European High Streets at affordable shipment cost and receive them in Saudi Arabia. Thanks again for your service.