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Shop your favourite brands and business items from UK and European websites and retailers, get them delivered to your personal MyUKHub address in the UK. 

You can buy anything from UK and European retailers, websites, or privately and get them delivered to your MyUKHub address in UK. This gives you unlimited possibilities to buy and realise your dream. Buy your favourite brands and items from anywhere in the UK and Europe. Shop like never before and get them delivered to us. View them seamlessly in your Dashboard and get on top of things. Start Shopping. Contact us if you are unable to buy items, and we can assist you by becoming your Personal Shopper.

Shopping Benefits

With MyUKHub's UK shipping and shopping service, the more you shop, the more you save on shipping. Here are some benefits of using our package consolidation:

1 - Shop from UK Stores and Save

When you shop from some of the renowned retailers like Amazon, you can receive all the items at your UK address and ship them off in one consolidated package. This way, you do not have to pay for multiple packages.

2 - Avoid UK Sales Tax Hassle

We help you with VAT cashback upon shopping from MyUKHub. When shopping in the UK, some items are tax-free. We help reclaim VAT charges in such cases. If you shop in the UK and ship internationally, then this is a great deal that you must not ignore. However, this feature is exclusively for members.

3 - Discount Offers for Members

Upon becoming a member at MyUKHub, you get access to exclusive discounts on your shipment so you can save more. If you are an eCommerce website, then you can benefit a lot from this. You can save a lot with our UK shipping and shopping service.

4 - Track Your Shipment

As a dependable UK parcel forwarding Company, we never lose sight of your packages. We also give you the facility to track the location minute-by-minute for peace of mind.

5 - Local address in the UK

One major setback for international buyers is that most retailers only ship to local addresses in the UK. Once you become a member of MyUKHub, you get an address you can use to shop in the UK. This makes it easy for you to shop in UK and ship internationally.