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Storage Options

You need to select what storage option you need when signing up with MyUKHub. We give you the choice to choose from personal or business storage types at MyUKHub. This gives you options to have 30- or 60-day storage to keep purchasing items and storing them for in our secured warehouse. For those who shop in the UK and ship internationally, choosing one of these packages comes with additional benefits.

To be a member and make the most of our UK parcel forwarding service, you can choose which suits your needs best. Let us mention some benefits and special features of both options we offer:

Personal Package - This is for individuals or entrepreneurs who own a small business but shop in UK and ship internationally frequently. This package gives:

  • Discounted shipping charges
  • Free package consolidation
  • Package tracking
  • The maximum weight limit per parcel is 200kg
  • VAT admin charges are 25% (at least £25)
  • VAT refund
  • You are entitled to 30-days in storage
  • You can ship as much as 50 parcels per month
  • You get an address in the UK to receive your shipment

Business Package - This is for small or large business owners or owners of eCommerce websites who shop in the UK and ship internationally frequently. This package gives:

In addition to the features of the Personal Package, you get:

  • 60-days in storage
  • Custom and export compliance support
  • Customized shipping offers
  • Mail scanning
  • Maximum parcel weight of 1000kg
  • VAT Admin Charges of £240
  • You can ship unlimited parcels per month

Moreover, you can ship all your products in one single parcel, so you save on your shipping cost up to 70% due to free consolidation done by our staff. Our warehouse is based in London. You can choose from our selected courier panel to ship your items.