We Deliver Happiness

Your Parcels Our Care

Our professional staff handles your parcels with care to offer the best experience in international shipping and shopping. We unpack every parcel and take pictures and update details on your dashboard. You can view the parcels in your dashboard and will get all information, for example, when it was received, the weight of the item, and invoice value. All are included in your chosen membership. We ensure that we keep you up-to-date with your parcel’s tracking throughout your experience with us. You will receive regular emails at each step when your parcel is received and dispatched as per the order placed by you. You can also ask us to return your parcel if you decide not to keep it after looking at the details.

At MyUKHub, we are very conscious of customer satisfaction. This is why; we use the best quality materials to package your items. We understand the anxiety one may experience with hitches in international shipping and shopping.

Even without a credit card, you can still shop from UK stores online. Our Personal Shopper feature (which is exclusively for members) enables you to buy via MyUKHub. Our team buys it for you, and then you make payments through your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal (whichever suits you).

Also, you get to claim VAT refunds if you were charged one wrongfully.

Additionally, our goal is to make sure that all our members and customers have peace of mind. Knowing that we handle your packages like they are our own and having the option to track their location from our warehouse until they reach your address anywhere in the world can be a relief.

Moreover, if you have any queries and concerns, our customer support is always available and willing to assist. We are friendly and look forward to making things as easy and better for you as possible.